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Happiness Bracelet in 925 Sterling Silver.


Each bracelet is energetically charged by a Peruvian Shaman to match your specific needs. Attract happiness that will bring excitement and joy into your life. Strengthen the aura around you to attract your greatest desires. 

Social Living Happiness Energized Bracelet In 925 Sterling Silver

SKU: 0008
  • This bold and masculine bracelet is perfect for the modern man. Made of glossy black onyx and metallic hematite beads, this bracelet is both stylish and sophisticated. The contrast of the black onyx and the shining hematite creates a look that is both bold and sleek. The beads are strung together with 925 sterling silver on a high-quality wire that is both strong and flexible, making it suitable for everyday wear. 


    • 925 Sterling Silver
    • Origin: Handcrafted in Peru
    • Gemstone: Black Onyx & Hematite
    • Grade AAA polished gemstones
    • 8mm diameter beads Note: Bead color may vary.
    • Silver bracelet wire - we do not use easy break stretch cord
  • Returns & Exchanges Accepted Within 30 Days Of Purchase

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