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Lapis lazuli Bracelet in 14K Gold.


Each bracelet is energetically charged by a Peruvian Shaman to match your specific needs. Attract wealth in any area of your life and become a magnet to riches. You will immediately notice a difference in business offers, networking connections, and any specific financial goals you wish to achieve.



Social Living Royalty

  • This exquisite bracelet is made of rich and beautiful lapis beads. Each bead is carefully chosen to ensure that each bracelet is a unique and stunning work of art. The deep blue color of the lapis is contrasted by veins of shimmering gold pyrite, giving the bracelet a luxurious and sophisticated look. The beads are strung together with 14K gold on a high-quality wire that is both strong and flexible, making it comfortable to wear and suitable for everyday use. 


    • 14K Gold Filled
    • Gemstone: Lapis
    • Origin: Handcrafted in Peru
    • Grade AAA polished gemstones
    • 6mm diameter beads Note: Bead color may vary.
    • Gold bracelet wire - we do not use easy break stretch cord
  • Returns & Exchanges Accepted Within 30 Days Of Purchase

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