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Venus Jasper Bracelet in 14K Gold.


Each bracelet is energetically charged by a Peruvian Shaman to match your specific needs. Promote good health and wellness, or eliminate a sickness you have been struggling with. Wear it every day to feel the benefits of improved sleep, stress management, and overall physical well-being.

Social Living Venus Jasper

  • This stunning bracelet is made of beautiful and unique Venus Jasper beads. The beads have a soft and earthy color palette, ranging from creamy white to pale green, with warm brown and orange tones woven throughout. Each bead is unique, with its own unique pattern and texture, making this bracelet truly one-of-a-kind. The beads are strung together with 14K gold on a durable wire, ensuring that the bracelet is both comfortable to wear and long-lasting. 


    • 14K Gold Filled
    • Gemstone: Venus Jasper
    • Origin: Handcrafted in Peru
    • Grade AAA polished gemstones
    • 6mm diameter beads Note: Bead color may vary.
    • Gold bracelet wire -we do not use easy break stretch cord
  • Returns & Exchanges Accepted Within 30 Days Of Purchase

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