It is never easy coping with many of the issues that are causing children distress, anxiety, loneliness and depression. Many children feel lonely or isolated from others, which they attribute to a lack of friends, no significant other or no company to hang out with. Too often these feelings are attributed to factors that are simple by-products and not the root cause of the problem. The root of the problem is lacking the communication skills necessary to establish, build and maintain important relationships that are necessary to 

lead a more fulfilling life.  Developing these skills will change a child's life forever.​​

Our team is ready to guide your child through the fun and exciting process of developing these important skills. ​Every session is individualized and meticulously planned in order to personalize the experience and make it as beneficial as possible. ​We take great pride in the progress and success of our clients, and look forward to helping you grow.

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Kirill Gubareff

Our founder, Kirill Gubareff has been working as a socialization/communication professional since 2006. He specializes in helping people identify and achieve their personal goals by developing their interpersonal communication skills. Before becoming a coach, he was a NYC Department of Education English teacher. This eye-opening experience led him to understand how critical communication is in almost every aspect of life. 


"There were many times when I did not know what to attribute negative behaviors, feelings and actions to that were coming from students. I soon realized everything stemmed from their social interactions and their success was dependent on how well they communicated." - Kirill Gubareff

After many years of research and the implementation of different communication strategies and activities with his students, it was clear the results had become life changing. The success with his students led to an excitement that he could not contain and he knew then that the world needed to know this empowering information. From that point, our team was assembled and we put much effort towards maximizing the results and refining the process of building these interpersonal communication skills into a variety of session formats.