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Feel The Power of Communication

Through-out our lives we interact with people without ever really thinking about the impact our communication can have on feelings, decisions and experiences. As a parent, it is never easy coping with many of the issues that are causing children distress, anxiety, and loneliness.The root cause of many children feeling lonely or isolated from others is the lack of communication skills necessary to establish, build and maintain important relationships. We are social beings and every facet of our life is dependent on the people we interact with. Developing these important skills will change a child's life forever.​​​

Our mission is to provide students with the tools necessary to comfortably communicate with peers, parents, grandparents and all the other important people in their lives. Our team is ready to guide your child through the fun and exciting process of developing their interpersonal communication skills. ​


Every session is packed with a learning segment and fun activities that allow students to practice in a real life setting. ​We take great pride in the progress and success of our students, and look forward to helping them grow.

Children in the Garden

Meet The Team

Kirill Gubareff

Our founder had began his career as a socialization and communication coach in 2015. Kirill specializes in helping people identify and achieve their personal goals by developing their interpersonal communication skills. During his tenure as a NYC Department of Education English teacher, he noticed students were reserved, isolated, and unhappy.  The common denominator among these students was their lack of social interactions. Inevitably, their success was dependent on how well they communicated. 

After many years of research and the implementation of different communication strategies and activities with his students, it was clear that with some guidance and practice, any child could develop communication skills that would lead towards lifelong success in social interactions. 

Jordyn P.

"My daughter has made so much progress. Gone are the days that she comes home from school with a frown and a new story about how she was excluded from another  activity. She has made friends at school, speaks with her grandfather with no fear, and continues to surprise us everyday with how courageous she has become with speaking to people. Thank you so much Social Living, you are truly changing lives!"

Jessica M.

"At first we were resistant to acknowledge that our son had communication challenges. We didn't understand why he did not have friends and came home sad everyday from school. Thankfully we started to understand that communication skills do not just appear, but need to be learned. Thank you for giving him the tools to succeed Social Living."

Peter A. 

"My daughters were great with keeping each other company for years, but when one had to attend a dance camp, it suddenly dawned on us that it was not easy for them to interact and make friends with other kids. After just two sessions, she was talking to new friends at the park and has made a complete turn-around from the separation anxiety she experienced when her sister, and her only friend went away. The work that you do here is tremendous! 

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